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Get Help Launching Your 2016 - 2017 VISION with Excellence! THIS IS PROPHETIC MINISTRY MENTORSHIP AT IT'S BEST!!

Hey there Prophetic Ministry Leader,

Do you need help launching a ministry event or even a business event?

Are you tired of doing everything on your own and learning the hard way WHY something didn't work?

Do you have trouble figuring out where the gaps are in your processes and what it will take to get on track?

Or,  are you pretty successful yet you need an accountability partner to help take what you're doing to that next level?

In Prophetic Ministry it's not always easy to find a Mentor who's willing to be transparent with you. Many times as God prepares to take us to the next level  we lose stride simply because we DON'T KNOW, what WE DON'T KNOW. 

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you are in the right place at the right time!
This may be exactly what you need to push your 2016 in the right direction.

For (6) Weeks starting Tuesday February 2  2016 through Tuesday March 8 2016 ) I'm going to give you an inside look at my ministry and marketplace processes. 

They are processess that I have used to help me, other Pastors, Ministry & Business leaders launch and maintain successful ministries and marketplace ministries (ie:Faith Based Businesses)

If you give me the opportunity, I'm SURE I can help you as well. Be sure to watch my short video below and read a couple of TESTIMONIES from those I've helped and continue to help!

When you are ready, remember there are (2) WAYS TO REGISTER!

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6 Week (SELF-PACED) Prophetic Ministry #VISION2016 Mentorship Bootcamp
(Classes Will Be Delivered To Your Email!)

What Can You Achieve Via This #VISION2016 Bootcamp?

During these (6) weeks of intense Mentorship, you'll be able to optimize your ministry marketing and operational efforts by efficiently leveraging the specific and customized processes Apostle Dwann will share with you. Because she will also professionally assess YOUR CURRENT systems, you will also be able to identify what IS and ISN'T working so that you can move forward to clear implementations that net CLEAR RESULTS of your 2016 VISION!

Plus, you will also be able to connect with other ministry and marketplace leaders like yourself who may be looking for others to brainstorm ideas with. 


  • How to launch that ministry/business event
  • How to write and sell that book easily.
  • How to launch that mentorship program or online course.
  • How to SAY NO to things outside of God's VISION for you.
  • Learn How To Standardize Your Ministry Contracts and MOU's
  • How to Profit In Your Purpose in every area of your life
  • Social Media 101 and effective use of FACEBOOK
  • How to create PRODUCTS that SELL.
  • How to BUILD your core support team, even on a BUDGET.
  • How to GET to the audience you KNOW you are called to.
  • AFFORDABLE Media Buying 101
  • How To Get Your VISION in front of the Media!
  • Learn How To Publish that MINISTRY PARTNER Magazine On Time, On Budget!
  • --->(5) Module Course - 21st Century Online Evangelism : Easy Evangelism & Online Outreach Strategies for Today’s Pastor & Ministry Leaders

What KEY AREAS of  Business & Marketing Development Will You Learn About During This Virtual Prophetic Ministry Bootcamp?

Without giving it all away at once, Prophetic Ministry Mentorship Bootcamp will help you grow your organization and streamline processes in the following fields:

Digital Content Creation

Identify what kind of style and tone will work best for your ministry target audience PLUS which methods of delivery will work best (mp3s, CDs etc) 

Social Media

Learn how to create powerful content that will launch engagment through the roof.

Email Marketing

Why having a working and effective email database is essential to every 21st organization especially when servicing those you mentor and those who want to learn from you. 

How To Build An Effective MINISTRY OR SUPPORT 

Discover how to build an effective Ministry Team for all aspects of Prophetic Ministry

About Dwann Holmes Rollinson

This ground-breaking Prophetic Ministry Mentorship Bootcamp program is led by Dwann Rollinson, the founder of THE GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF CHURCH & MARKETPLACE PROPHETS & EMBASSY LEADERSHIP TRAINING INSTITUTE. 

Rollinson is an award-winning journalist and emmy-nominated producer and  "Hot New Release" Top Author on Amazon.com and Prophetic Mentor who's coached thousands of God's Kingdom Prophets to destiny. Her motto is "No REVELATION, No MANIFESTATION and "You DON'T KNOW, WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW!"

Known as a MEDIA MENTOR to many, Dwann Holmes Rollinson, is a former media and  marketing executive called to to leverage leaders into new levels of Kingdom Manifestation.  Rollinson combines her 20+ year media background with ministerial insight to show God’s 5-fold ministry leaders & Pastors how to easily evangelize on and offline.

As FOUNDER of the GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF CHURCH & MARKETPLACE PROPHETS  #GICMP, Dwann is a Prophetic Authority to the Nations called to set-order and build systems of accountability for God’s Kingdom mouthpieces across the world.  Dwann sits on the HIGH COUNCIL of NEW ERA APOSTLESHIP RESTITUTION (N.E.A.R.) under the LEADERSHIP of  Ambassador DR. PAULA PRICE, acclaimed author of  The Prophet's Dictionary & The Prophet's Handbook.

Dwann also leads her monthly 
Online Monthly Prophetic Ministry Inner Circle Mentorship Program all year round!

Check out what other LEADERS have to say about Apostle Dwann's  Mentorship & TRAINING

I have learned so much being connected to Apostle Dwann

  Under Apostle Dwann's leadership and mentorship I have learned how to properly put together my prophetic ministry event(s) plus it has also helped with my marketplace ministry as a #NaturalHair Educator and Stylist who HOSTs events and workshops.
   I have learned how to work smarter, instead of harder and how to make sure that I honor God in all that He's called me to do not just in the church, but in the marketplace.

Prophet Te'Mia Lofton
Jacksonville, Florida

I love the power of a team

Since being connected I have experienced a greater confidence in the mandate that is upon my life and I operate in a new level of authority.
I have been given opportunities that have strengthened the divine ablilites in me that have been dormant. 
The ministry that I oversee has had greater exposure and financial increase.
I have found our monthly conference call to provide team building, an opportunity to share, with each other events info and stand in prayer for each other.
I love that I have never felt any competition, and there is always a spirit of liberty.

Prophet Renee Scott Jacob
Chicago, Illinois