The Global Institute of Church & Marketplace Prophets is a GLOBAL company of Prophets geared at training, equipping, educating and nurturing Prophets for Kingdom service.  FOUNDED in 2010 by Dwann Rollinson GICMP is also a liason for Prophets and Apostles and Prophets & Pastors who are ready to work together in UNITY for the equipping of the saints! 


Are You Ready To Be Educated & Equipped For Prophetic Ministry? 

We believe KINGDOM Prophets should be EDUCATED & TRAINED for SERVICE!

Whether you're a neophyte or a seasoned Senior Prophet our Founder Dwann Holmes Rollinson has developed strategic training programs for you, no matter where you are in your prophetic journey to destiny.  From our ORDINATION TRACK to our standard SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS and School of Marketplace Prophetics to our On-Site Weekend PROPHETIC Intensives that we can bring to you and your TEAM, there is always something to learn via GICMP Mentorship and Training  Also take our FREE Prophets of the Bible 101 (6) Month Intensive that runs from (Nov - April 2016) START ANYTIME

About The GICMP Company of Prophets & The Services It Offers

Meet Apostle Dwann

Apostle Dwann has trained thousands of prophets and marketplace prophets from across the world.  She routinely is called upon to educate, enlighten and empower Kingdom Prophets for service not just in the church but in the Marketplace. As a Broadcast Journalist by trade, Media, Communications are a very important part of GICMP's Vision to reach and teach Prophets around the world. Visit ApostleDwann.com 


You are now able to ENROLL in any of these TRAINING, EDUCATION and MENTORSHIP PROGRAMS!
Private Prophetic Group Mentorship (198.99)
School of Prophetic Intercession (99.99) p/m
School of Marketplace Prophetics (99.99)
Prophetic Homiletics (11) Modules ($198.99) (ENROLL NOW!)
Ministry Mentorship Bootcamp (198.99)

Mentorship & Training

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Though our offices are in Jacksonville, Florida, Apostle Dwann & the GICMP team travel across the world to MENTOR and TRAIN church prophets and marketplace prophets for service.  Plus, GICMP offers basic mentorship opportunities for Prophets who want a safe place to connect, learn, grow and be mentored via the GICMP VIP INNER-CIRCLE PROPHETIC MASTERMIND - FIND OUT MORE & Get Basic Mentorship!

Prophetic Resources

Visit our online store via www.DwannRollinson.com to access prophetic preaching, teaching and courses that are best for you and your prophetic road to destiny. 

5-fold Ministry Assessments

We are proud to offer the MAQ and PAQ as developed by acclaimed author  of The Prophet's Dictionary & Prophet's HandbookDr. Paula Price  - DO YOU HAVE PROOF THAT YOU ARE WHO YOU SAY GOD SAYS YOU ARE? FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THESE PROPHETIC ASSESSMENTS


Through GICMP prayer and prophecy is offered to believers from around the world via GetProphecyNow.com - For anyone who needs URGENT PROPHETIC CARE the GICMP Prophetic Chaplain Services offer prophetic care via our phone lines serviced by professional prophetic advisors. Call today: 1-844-2-TRY-GOD

NO, You're Not Crazy - Just Prophetic!

Being a prophet isn't easy. Many times you are MISUNDERSTOOD, MISJUDGED and everything else. Just in case you need REAL confirmation about your peculiarity be sure to grab FREE access to the GICMP WEBINAR "The Extreme Life of A Prophet!"

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